How Games24x7 keeps its mission- critical data protected from ransomware attacks with Elastio

India’s leading online gaming company places a paramount focus on the security, integrity, and recoverability of its critical data.

Games24x7, India’s leading online gaming company with a large user base, revolutionized its protection strategy for mission-critical data in partnership / collaboration with Elastio. In this case study, we delve into the approach taken by Sanjay Singh, Head of DevSecOps at Games24x7, with Elastio’s game- changing solution to secure critical data and recover swiftly from potential disasters.

“Our primary focus was to fortify our backup system, ensuring improved mission-critical data recoverability and business continuity, particularly in the event of potential ransomware attacks. Elastio understood our priorities and collaborated with us in constructing a robust framework for a resilient and secure foundation for our data management needs."
Sanjay Singh
Head of DevSecOps, Games24x7

Building a secure backup system

In the face of the growing ransomware pandemic, Games24x7’s DevSecOps team understood the importance of safeguarding the company’s mission- critical data. With a clear objective to establish a robust backup system capable of withstanding any disaster, the team pioneered the development of a secure vault to store immutable backups of the company’s most important data, leveraging a solution from AWS (AWS Backup), the company’s cloud provider. Along with this, the team also recognized the need to address another vital aspect of data resilience – ensuring the cleanliness and integrity of the source data for the backups.

The DevSecOps team at Games24x7 evaluated several offerings to build the backup system, ultimately selecting Elastio’s Data Resilience Platform due to its seamless alignment with their specific requirements.


Guaranteeing the cleanliness of backup data

After this initial introduction, choosing to work with Elastio was a straightforward process. From the beginning, Games24x7’s experience with Elastio proved remarkably positive, characterized by smooth and collaborative efforts. This mutual understanding facilitated the validation that their vision and approach were indeed on the right track.

"Elastio gives us the confidence to no longer worry about our mission critical data - our ‘Crown Jewels’ – becoming a victim of ransomware."
Sanjay Singh
Head of DevSecOps, Games 24x7

Elastio’s ransomware detection feature was adopted by Games24x7 for all the mission-critical data that gets sent into the backup vault. This way, Games24x7 assures that production applications, both existing and newly created, are backed up predictably with an audit trail and are clean and free from ransomware, malware, or corruption. Additionally, Elastio’s ransomware detection integrates with AWS SecurityHub, providing an immediate option for Games24x7 to integrate Elastio with other major security tools.

"The Elastio team is great. They were able to answer any questions that we had, whether technical, process related, or about the overall working of the tool. It meant that implementation was really not a difficult task."
Sanjay Singh
Head of DevSecOps, Games24x7

Elastio has brought a new level of assurance to Games24x7’s daily operations. Knowing that their most vital data is safeguarded and invulnerable to security breaches, Games24x7 can now focus on what they do best – delivering top- notch gaming experiences to their users.

Games24x7 plans to expand its Elastio usage to other data categories, provid- ing a holistic data protection strategy.

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