About Elastio


True Ransomware Detection

Elastio’s data resilience platform ensures that your live data and backups are clean, uncompromised, and recoverable from ransomware attacks.

Elastio reverse-engineered over 2200 ransomware families and developed the most comprehensive ransomware detection engine capable of pinpointing ransomware down to individual variants and files. Our advanced behavioral analytics model thoroughly examines your data for ransomware, malware, and corruption, providing the means for a secure recovery through point-in-time restoration of applications and data to a verified clean copy.

With a proven track record of tens of billions of ransomware scans, our agentless platform empowers customers to validate the integrity of their live data and backups across AWS, Azure, and VMware. This includes securing critical areas of enterprise risk — core workloads, production databases, and object storage, ensuring that your data remains clean, uncompromised, and recoverable.

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