Elastio Platform

We enable organizations to verify data integrity in near real-time, enabling clean recovery from any attack with minimal downtime and data loss

Why Elastio?


Detects ransomware encryption

Low false positive rate

Stays ahead of
emerging threats

Cannot be bypassed

Multi-platform & multi-backup

Elastio Software
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Our AI/ML engine leverages deep ransomware research and over-time analysis to go beyond anomaly detection and precisely identify ransomware encryption in your data

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Single-digit false positives across 25 million file inspections prevent alert fatigue

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Uses advanced statistical and behavioral modeling to detect novel threats that have not hit the market with 99.99% accuracy

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Operating agentlessly, Elastio inspects snapshots and backups outside the control of any malware-infected endpoint, enabling it to unmask any ransomware-hiding techniques

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Elastio integrates seamlessly with existing backup vendors and works across multi-cloud, hybrid, and on-premise environments​


EDR/XDR, AV Scanners,
Backup Providers


Traditional methods that rely on anomaly detection are ineffective against modern ransomware tactics that have evolved to stay undetected


Anomaly detection solutions have very high false positive rates, leading to alerts being ignored or disabled


Performs scans against a library of known signatures so are unable to detect novel threats


Agent-based ransomware protection solutions are easily unhooked and bypassed by modern ransomware


Backup providers are silos and do not provide uniform security functionality across all environments

How Elastio Works

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Elastio Platform

Assure your business can always recover from ransomware attacks with minimal downtime and data loss.

Elastio Platform

Assure your business can always recover from ransomware attacks with minimal downtime and data loss.

Platform Capabilities

Cloud-Native Achitecture
Scales-out based on data size, scales-up on demand for concurrent data access, and automatically scales-to-zero when jobs complete.

Scale-Out Backup Connector
Elastio scales to meet backup workloads and perform inspections with built-in queuing and scan worker management.

Agentless Side-Scanning
Elastio’s agentless approach operates outside of the production workload, ensuring it cannot be bypassed by threat actors without affecting performance.

No Production Impact
Performs deep-file inspections on offline snapshots without affecting performance of production workloads.

Optimized for Speed
Elastio inspections are optimized for speed and process half a million files in 10 minutes.

Efficient Data Management
Inspections occur without data re-hydration, speeding up inspections and lowering costs. Incremental inspections also assure cost optimizations.

Easy Deployment
Deploys in minutes and inspects immediately for fast-time-to-value.

Role-Based Access Control
Elastio offers a simple, manageable approach to Tenant access management that is less error-prone than individually assigning user permissions.

Full Data Custody
Data never moves out of your network, during or after the inspection. Only metadata appears in the Elastio console.

Platform Component Capabilities

Inspects Live Data
When other defenses fail, Elastio detects ransomware encryption in your data early to stop the spread.

Detects Ransomware Encryption
RansomwareIQ detects ransomware encryption in your live data and backups with 99.99% accuracy.

Last-Known Clean
Automatically directs you to last-known clean copy of your data for quick restoration with minimal downtime and data loss.

Inspects Backups
Backups are key to post-attack recovery. Elastio assures you always have a clean recovery point to minimize downtime and data loss. Supports most major backup providers.

Enterprise-Grade Malware Protection
Inspects live data and backups for malware, performing deep-file inspections without affecting production workloads.

Ransomware Recovery Point Objective
Ransomware Recovery Point Objective (R-RPO) reports assure your business is always in the know about potential post-attack data loss. 

Broad AWS Service Coverage
Protects EC2, EFS, EBS, ECS, EKS, Marketplace AMIs and S3 data for a comprehensive view across your AWS data.

Detailed alerts about the scope of the attack with actionable insights for threat remediation.

Fully automates compliance reporting with history of inspections and threats in your data, suitable for internal leadership and external government agencies.

Auto-Detects Backups
Automatically picks up backups upon creation by backup provider and performs inspection without any user intervention.

Incident Response Team
Elastio incident response team proactively monitors your alerts and validates every finding.

Sandbox Restores
Restore infected files to a sandbox environment for forensic analysis.

Native APIs
Leverages supported Backup Providers’ native APIs to inventory, filter and inspect backups.

Integrates with your SIEM
Get alerts on Elastio findings pushed into any SIEM or ticketing solution that you use.

Fast Threat Containment
Detailed threat information, down to which individual files are infected with which ransomware variant, enables fast threat containment.

Integrates with VMWare vCenter and vCloud Director
Integrates with the central management utilities for VMWare.

Customizable dashboard give customers a comprehensive view of ransomware risk across their whole environment – from a single console.  

Recovery Testing
Ensure your business is prepared to recover for ransomware scenarios. Fully supports AWS Backup restore test capability for EC2, EBS, EFS and S3.

AWS Services Coverage



Elastio continuously inspects AWS EC2 workloads, including all attached EBS volumes, for ransomware encryption and malware, ensuring real-time threat detection and mitigation to protect critical business applications from disruptions. Elastio’s inspections also cover ephemeral instances, leaving no gaps in your EC2 instances. Choose between full and incremental inspections to suit your security needs.



Elastio continuously inspects AWS EBS volumes for ransomware encryption and malware in real-time.
Our solution has no volume size limit and includes inspections for unattached volumes, ensuring comprehensive coverage and eliminating security gaps.



Elastio provides continuous inspection of AWS EFS for ransomware encryption and malware, protecting file storage from compromise.

It can inspect existing files or new files incrementally, specific paths, or the full filesystem based on security needs, ensuring the availability and integrity of critical business data.



Elastio’s intelligent inspection of S3 objects for ransomware and malware binaries ensures your S3 data remains secure and does not act as an entry or distribution point for malicious actors. It supports full and incremental bucket inspections, meaning only new objects are inspected. Inspections can be scheduled or initiated on-demand, selectively targeting based on path, prefix, or glob patterns, further minimizing API costs.
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Elastio continuously protects EKS and ECS clusters, inspecting their EC2 instances and persistent EBS volumes for ransomware encryption and malware. This ensures real-time threat detection and mitigation, safeguarding critical container applications from disruptions.


AWS Marketplace Appliances

Elastio continuously inspects AWS Marketplace appliances for ransomware encryption and malware, protecting against ransomware entry via third-party applications and the ransomware encryption of critical application files.


AWS Snapshots

Elastio inspects AWS snapshots for ransomware encryption and malware, detecting threats early in its associated EBS storage and EC2 instances. It integrates with major backup vendors’ cloud-native solutions on AWS.


Backup Provider Coverage

Elastio provides a critical layer of ransomware protection for backups with advanced and precise detection for ransomware encryption and malware.

With Elastio, your backups become the true last line of defense.

  • Assure your backups are free from ransomware using the Elastio anti-ransomware protection.
  • Reduce downtime and data loss from an attack
  • Always have a clean copy of your data.

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AI-Powered Security For
Your Last Line of Defense

We enable organizations to verify data integrity in near real-time, enabling clean recovery from any attack with minimal downtime and data loss.