Elastio Cyber Recovery

The Cyber Defense You Need

Elastio allows you to flip the script on cyber criminals with proactive cyber defense and lightning fast recoveries to minimize data loss and downtime. Isn’t it time you stopped backing up ransomware, malware, and corruption?


What Elastio Does

From Backups to Back Up and Running – we have the entire
cyber defense and recovery lifecycle covered. 


Automatically identify new AWS workloads and produce compliance reporting of their protection status across all of your accounts.


Using our global deduplication and compression engine, we create highly recoverable, immutable backups of workloads.


Using ML, heuristics and signatures, Elastio continually scans workloads to detect ransomware, malware and corruption.


Quarantine infected recovery points by loading them into a sandbox or mounting them as read-only for forensics.


Ensure fast, safe recoveries against ransomware and malware exposure, application failures, and human error.


Monitor and prove data protection compliance using Elastio's auditor-ready reports.

Fight Back Against Cyber Criminals with Elastio

All-in-one, backup, recovery, and cyber protection platform
that arms you against cyber criminals with these powerful features.

Powerful and Easy to Use

Fast Workload Recoveries

Data Security and Protection

Intelligent Data Management

Observability and Audit Reporting

Tech Stack and Workflow Integration

Frequently Asked Questions About Elastio's Platform

Read some of our most frequently asked questions about Elastio’s platform.

For a complete list of our FAQs, please visit our FAQs page.

Elastio is designed for integration into workflows for customization.  Elastio supports all major pipeline platforms such as GitHub Actions, CodePipeline, Ansible, Jenkins to name a few. 

Yes!  Elastio supports many databases including PostGreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, DynamoDB, Oracle running in both RDS and local database instances running on Windows or Linux. 

Yes!  This can be done in a policy or in mass from the Elastio CLI.  Customers import snapshots to inspect them for cyber threats, to maintain recovery point history and to save up to 80% in costs over AWS snapshots.

Yes! Elastio can be embedded inside of a container to protect and scan file systems within the container.  All results are reported to the console for analysis.  

To deploy Elastio, you need an AWS account with enough permissions to deploy a CloudFormation stack.  It takes about 10 minutes.  Please see the docs for more details in the required permissions.

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