Data Protection as a Service (DPaaS)

Elastio’s data protection as a service software offers the ideal snapshot replacement or augmentation solution for the cloud by combining active ransomware protection technologies with full workload visibility, automated recovery testing, lower cloud costs and simplicity – you’ll be up and protected immediately.

Cloud Native and enterprise grade DATA PROTECTION

Why Choose Elastio

The core of Elastio’s platform is built on the cloud, providing a secure, scale-out and cost optimized secondary storage architecture 

Better Protection for Assured Recoveries

Elastio cloud-native next-gen data protection assures safe recoveries - at -all-times - against ransomware and malware exposure, application failures and human error.

Detect all applications, protect, defend and recover from threats and failures faster, ensure compliance, scale at will, and enable DevOps to recover apps safely in the cloud.

Discovery, Visibility and Compliance for the Cloud

Automatically inventories all EC2 and EBS assets and their protection status across all accounts, continuously monitor for recovery health, enforce protection policies and compliance, and proactively blocks security vulnerabilities from reentering your cloud infrastructure.

Simple, Powerful Management

Purpose built for the cloud to eliminate complexity, lower operational costs, auto scaling on demand and simplify deployment across cloud accounts.

Broad OS support including Linux, WIndows, WIndows Servers, macOs on x86 and ARM processors. AWS EC2 and EBS are supported agentlessly and all other applications use our lightweight agent.

Enterprise Features
for the Cloud

Cloud Native Data Security and Data Protection

Recovery Health at a Glance

Protects Any Application

Simple, powerful management features

Intelligent Data Management

Save Money

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