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Elastio and AWS Partnership.

Elastio is an AWS Security and Storage Competency Partner committed to reducing risk for AWS customers. This AWS Partner Network (APN) designation recognizes our deep technical expertise and success with AWS customers. This elite group of APN Partners has been vetted by AWS for their proven expertise and customer success, and AWS is confident in their ability to help customers adopt, deploy, and manage storage solutions on AWS.


Detecting ransomware in active cloud infrastructure and backups requires expertise in both security and storage disciplines.  Achieving both competencies demonstrates Elastio’s commitment to serving the needs of AWS’s customers.  Customers benefit from knowing that Elastio follows AWS best practices for security and storage to ensure that our ransomware detection capabilities best safeguard critical data and maintain the integrity of their AWS environment. 

Learn more about the 6-pillars of Operational Excellence Elastio must meet.

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Elastio's Integration with AWS Backup.

To help customers ensure their backups are clean, non-compromised, recoverable, and resilient to ransomware attacks, Elastio launched an integration with AWS Backup.

Elastio is an AWS Storage Competency Partner and AWS Marketplace Seller that scans supported AWS Backup recovery points for threats, continuously recovery tests them, identifies the last clean recovery point, and seamlessly integrates with existing notification processes when ransomware, corruption, or any other threat is detected.


Elastio is available in the AWS Marketplace.

Elastio is available through both public and private offers or through channel partners.