When Ransomware Attacks Every Second Matters...

Elastio detects ransomware before and after detonation.

ransomware scans and counting...

Recover in minutes -not months

When existing cloud security measures fail to protect against cyber-attacks, Elastio detects and precisely identifies ransomware in the data and assures rapid post-attack recovery.

With over tens of billions ransomware scans, our customers have validated the integrity of their cloud data, including core workloads, production databases, and object storage, to ensure the data is clean, non-compromised, and recoverable. Elastio is the only platform that has reverse-engineered over 2200 ransomware families to build the most comprehensive ransomware detection engine. Our behavioral analytics model deeply inspects your data for ransomware, malware, and corruptions, providing intelligence and data for quick post-attack recovery. Safely recover from a ransomware attack with point-in-time restoration of applications and data to a known clean copy. Elastio protects multi-cloud and hybrid environments, across AWS, Azure and VMWare. How Elastio Works
CARET | Protect Against Ransomware

“We are excited to tell our customers we have the Elastio level of protection. It helps us land and keep more customers as we expose what we do with their data to them.

– TJ Schoessow, SVP of Technology & Business Systems, Caret

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Protect Protect cloud data and workloads

Elastio’s agentless platform never moves your data from your network.

Detect Detect ransomware with deep file scans

The world’s most comprehensive library of 2200+ ransomware families built on Machine Learning for accurate detection.

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Respond Respond to cyber risks with confidence

Elastio’s incident response team investigates alerts, avoiding alert fatigue.

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Recover Safely recover from ransomware attacks

Point-in-time restoration of applications and data to a known clean copy.

We protect top brands from ransomware attacks

How It Works

Flexible, automated ransomware and malware detection across AWS, Azure and VMWare



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“We are excited to tell our customers to have the Elastio level of protection… Our customers were sending over many gigs of data and we were finding malware in the customer data sets. That was an aha moment for us.”

– TJ Schoessow, SVP of Technology & Business Systems, Caret​

Case Study


“As the application scales, Elastio automatically detects the new persistent volumes, inspects them for ransomware, and creates a recovery point. This ensures we always have a safe recovery option for our customer environments.”

– Greg Aligiannis, CISO, IBM

Case Study


“Elastio gives us data security and cyber recoveries in one platform, streamlining operations and improving business continuity.”

– Tricia Remacle, Chief Technology Officer, LeaseAccelerator

Elastio is AWS storage competency certified, AWS well-architected, and in the AWS Marketplace

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