Support Policy

Our normal support hours are 8 AM to 9 PM Eastern Standard Time, and our team is available 24×7 from your Tenant Console via online chat. We will attempt to respond to your request within a few minutes during our normal support hours and will attempt to respond to your request within a reasonable time outside of our normal support hours. If the issue needs escalation, we will handle it internally and escalate urgent matters to the on-call team at Elastio.

Our team will escalate an issue under the following conditions:

Automatically Escalated Issues

  • Your service has been severely impacted, and the Elastio status page hasn’t yet been updated.
  • You have been hit by a security attack, and you need an immediate lockdown of your account.
  • You suspect that the security of your critical Elastio account(s) has been compromised.
  • You are completely locked out of your account (as an owner) and urgently need access to log in.
  • A recovery of a mission-critical workload is failing.

Example of issues not escalated

  • You need non-urgent support (e.g., queries, password resets, 2FA resets, etc.)
  • You are locked out of your account and can’t log in.
  • You are having issues with backups and recoveries, but it isn’t related to a service outage.
  • You are waiting for support via normal channels but haven’t had a response yet.

You can request an escalation of an issue via the real-time chat but it is important that we establish a clear policy around use (and misuse) of the escalation channel. Our team is only human, and it’s important to protect them from accidental and/or frequent alerting. You might need to be a little more patient than usual if outside of our normal support hours.

Terms and Conditions

This service is offered with the disclaimer that this is a benefit but not a right. Support for the escalation channel may be revoked or limited for any reason, especially in the situation of minimizing disruption to the team. Still, we will try to understand the context first.

The escalation channel should really only be used as a last resort, and certainly no more than once per event, and not if our support team has already acknowledged an issue. The on-call team will acknowledge the issue and keep you updated at regular intervals.

Of course, if it really is an emergency, then that’s what the team is there for. We’re here to ensure that Elastio is as available and minimize disruptions to your service.


Although the on-call team is alerted immediately, they might not be able to respond immediately. We aim to respond within 15-30 minutes, but this is not guaranteed. However, we do promise that you will get an acknowledgment/reply.

How To Get Support

You need to be logged into your Tenant Console to get support. Click the Intercom link on the bottom right to ask questions or request help.  Optionally, send an email to support@elastio.com.

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