CARET Improves Cyber Resiliency While Saving on Storage Costs

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CARET Legal, previously known as Zola Suite, is the leading solution for legal professionals to manage their practice and create space for what matters, including delighting clients and maximizing billable time.

The Challenge

As CARET began their migration from an on-premise to a SaaS solution, they initially deployed the same security tooling they use in their private cloud and on-premise offerings. Although they were happy with that solution for their non-cloud environments, they quickly realized that cloud requires a more modern data protection approach that was not snapshot-based. 

CARET turned to cloud native tooling in AWS, but realized there was a gap. They were unable to ensure their backups were free from ransomware and could recover quickly. While this was a known risk that kept them up at night, they weren’t actively looking for a solution. 

When the Elastio team approached CARET, they immediately saw the value and were excited that they could control for this risk. They made the decision to deploy a proof of concept on one of their production workloads to test the efficacy of the Elastio solution and the ease of operation. 

““We are excited to tell our customers we have the Elastio level of protection. It helps us land and keep more customers as we expose what we do with their data to them."
TJ Schoessow,
SVP of Technology & Business Systems, CARET

Elastio Solution

Deployment of Elastio only took 15 minutes and the CARET team was quickly creating policies and protecting their AWS data. They were first impressed with the ease of deploying and operating Elastio. 

What ultimately sold CARET on the Elastio solution was the fact that this cloud native solution provides deep inspection of their AWS data to ensure it is free from ransomware. Their data protection team was relieved that they could finally ensure their backups were clean and recoverable – and best of all, it was a cost- effective solution. 

While a typical proof of concept takes them 90 days to six months, the team at CARET was comfortable with moving forward after seeing the Elastio solution at work for only 60 days


As a result of deploying Elastio, CARET is experiencing a 5% monthly savings on their storage costs to date. This is expected to increase as they transition more customers to their SaaS product and more workloads are deployed in EC2. 

While the savings have been a bonus, the CARET team is most pleased with the security and resiliency Elastio provides to their cyber security and cloud data protection strategy. They are now confident that they can recover quickly from a ransomware attack and provide the appropriate reporting to SOC auditors and cyber insurance carriers. In their words, they now have peace of mind to sleep at night

"Elastio makes sure that our data is recoverable and clean. No malware, no ransomware."
TJ Schoessow
SVP of Technology & Business Systems, CARET

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