Ransomware: Recover In Hours, Not Weeks

Ransomware has become an unfortunate reality for businesses and governments alike, placing an overwhelming financial and operational burden on organizations unequipped or ill-prepared to recover from the destructive cyber attack. The most evident direct impact resulting from a successful ransomware attack is economic. Companies that fall victim to ransomware will incur expenses associated with recovery efforts, such as ransom payments (if the company decides to pay), incident response services, and cleanup costs. However, ransomware can have significant downstream consequences for individuals and consumers when essential services and supply chains are disrupted, leading to unavoidable socio-economic, safety, and environmental issues.

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn:

  1. How costly new ransomware models are and why they’re a top concern for enterprises globally.

  2. Why multi-layer extortion is the new norm and how tactics have changed over time

  3. Why backups are increasingly under attack and why they’re so vulnerable to ransomware encryption or deletion.

  4. How to defend against attacks while they’re dormant, and why cloud ransomware may be the future.
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