Flexible Cloud Pricing Options

Data Resilience Platform Pricing

Growth Edition

(Up to 25 TB)
$ 59/TB Paid upfront, 1 Year Commitment
$79/TB, M2M, 1 Year Commitment
$100/TB, M2M, No Commitment
Minimums Apply
  • Detect, Respond, Recover up to 25 TB of applications and data.

Enterprise Edition

( > 25TB )
Call Us Annual, Multi-Year Terms Available
Monthly or Reserved Pricing
Minimums Apply

  • Detect, Respond, Recover up to >25 TB of applications and data.

Available from the AWS Marketplace

No credit card needed to get started.

Pricing details

Creating an Elastio tenant for your organization is free and doesn’t require a credit card. All tenants protect and scan up to 1 TB of application data free with a 7 day retention period.

Data under protection is measured as the size of the protected data when the backup is taken. For each billing cycle, we use the high watermark of data under protection for computing the cost for that month.

Data protected beyond 1TB is prorated to the nearest gigabyte, and is billed in arrears based on consumption. Additionally, Elastio offers tiered pricing that reduces the cost per TB based on overall data under protection, annual commitment period and payment terms. The fee for unlimited retention is $500/month plus the fee for data under protection as described above.

To optimize data storage and reduce costs for customers, Elastio stores, compresses, and deduplicates the protected data in your AWS account, resulting in significant savings compared to native snapshots. Unlike other vendors, the storage is in your account and Elastio also does not mark up AWS storage costs, allowing customers to only pay for the storage they actually use.

Customers are responsible for the costs associated with the Elastio cyber recovery service required to store and protect data, including storage costs on AWS. Elastio prides itself on transparent pricing with no hidden fees or games.

Save money

Elastio reduces storage costs by up to 80% over traditional snapshots with built-in compression and deduplication. The chart below illustrates the costs to protect 20TB of data protected over 7 years with a 3% daily change rate keeping monthly backups and the fully loaded costs including the subscription fees and resources consumed by the Elastio service.

Elastio backups vs Traditional snapshots TCO
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