Flexible Cloud Pricing Options

Elastio Pricing

Growth Edition

¢ 10/GB List Price. Volume and Term-Based Discounts Apply
  • Includes all features

Enterprise Edition

( > 100TB )
Call Us Volume and Term-Based Discounts Apply
  • Includes all features

Pricing details

Creating an Elastio tenant for your organization is free and includes a 30-day free trial.

Elastio safeguards data by scanning data for ransomware and, if desired, storing them in the Elastio cyber vault within the customer’s S3 account. The data is stored immutably in a globally deduplicated and compressed format for enhanced security and fast post attack recovery.

Each billing cycle, pricing is determined by the high watermark of scanned or stored data for the month, prorated to the nearest gigabyte and billed in arrears. Elastio also provides tiered pricing, reducing costs per TB based on overall data safeguarded, annual commitment period, and payment terms. Customers cover Elastio service costs, and the company ensures transparent pricing without hidden fees or games.

Save money

Elastio reduces storage costs by up to 80% over traditional snapshots with built-in compression and deduplication. The chart below illustrates the costs to protect 20TB of data protected over 7 years with a 3% daily change rate keeping monthly backups and the fully loaded costs including the subscription fees and resources consumed by the Elastio service.

Elastio backups vs Traditional snapshots TCO