Securing Your MSP: Elastio’s True Ransomware Detection Assures Rapid, Reliable Recovery

Todd Fredrick, Strategic Alliances


In this current landscape of cybersecurity, one thing is sure – ransomware is not going away. It’s not a matter of if but when you will get hit. As Managed Service Providers (MSPs), safeguarding your customers’ data from the relentless threats of ransomware is paramount. In this blog post, we’ll explore the challenges MSPs face, the need for true ransomware detection for backups, and why Elastio stands out as the ultimate ally in the battle against ransomware.

Are you unwittingly backing up ransomware?

Ransomware, a pervasive threat, is constantly evolving in sophistication. As it becomes more sophisticated, it outpaces traditional security measures, such as Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR/XDR) solutions, leading to delayed detection. With ransomware dwell times often outlasting backup retention periods, this lag in identification gives ransomware the opportunity to integrate itself into backups covertly. By the time the ransomware is discovered, it’s too late: it has already compromised the integrity of your data recovery efforts. So the critical question looms: Are you unwittingly backing up ransomware?

True ransomware detection for backups

Elastio helps MSPs ensure that their customers’ backups are clean, uncompromised, and recoverable through its true ransomware detection. Unlike conventional solutions that rely on anomaly detection and often yield false positives, Elastio employs deep file-by-file inspection. This method, driven by specific knowledge of ransomware and its variants, ensures accurate detection without guesswork.

Why Elastio

  1. Unparalleled Ransomware Knowledge: Elastio has set itself apart by reverse-engineering over 2,200 specific ransomware families and their variants. This comprehensive understanding enables Elastio to identify the presence of ransomware at the file level, providing MSPs with a precise and effective detection mechanism.
  2. Integration with Existing Backup Infrastructure: Elastio doesn’t disrupt your existing backup infrastructure. Instead, it enhances your investment by seamlessly integrating with your current backup solution. This means you can elevate your cybersecurity without overhauling your entire system.
  3. Fast Time to Value: Time is of the essence in the fight against ransomware. Elastio ensures a swift deployment process, allowing MSPs to realize value rapidly. In a threat landscape where every moment counts, Elastio’s efficiency is a game-changer.
  4. New Revenue Opportunity: With Elastio in their cybersecurity portfolio, MSPs create new revenue opportunities by introducing true ransomware detection for backups as an additional service, thereby improving client trust and retention. 

Elastio assures your customers’ data integrity 

As an MSP, safeguarding your customers’ data from ransomware is a continuous challenge. Elastio provides a solution that understands ransomware intricately and integrates seamlessly into your existing backup infrastructure. Stay ahead of the threat curve with Elastio – the ultimate partner in securing your MSP and in ensuring the resilience of your customers’ data against the ever-present ransomware threat.