Why a Secure Data Vault is a Business Imperative

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Is your data secure, recoverable, and free from  ransomware?

In today’s cyber threat landscape, having a robust and effective cyber recovery plan is not optional. It should be a pillar of your cybersecurity strategy that you can build on with confidence. 

Join this webinar for a discussion on what an effective cyber resilience plan looks like, why data recovery should be at the center of it, and best practices for selecting and implementing the right solutions to make sure that your data is free of ransomware and malware, safe, and recoverable. 

This discussion will highlight:

  • Why the importance of a cloud-hosted data vault is increasing exponentially
  • How regulatory requirements impact the role of a cloud-hosted data vault
  • Why the requirements of a cyber-resilience plan focus on speed of implementation, agility, and cost-effectiveness
  • How you can make sure the data that goes into a data vault is clean and recoverable
  • What to do when EDR and XDR are not enough to protect your data
  • How Elastio and AWS have formed a unique technical partnership 

You’ll also get a product tour of the Elastio Cloud Data Resilience Platform.

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Tom Tasker

AWS Global Financial Services

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