Protecting your AWS S3 data from the ransomware pandemic

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Ransomware and malware detection for S3 and beyond

Ransomware attacks continue to grow in both number and sophistication – putting data resilience in the spotlight for organizations, up to the board-level. 

S3 is one of the largest storage systems in the world, and it continues to grow. That growth makes it even more attractive to threat actors, and S3 is fast becoming a huge threat vector, and a key risk for lateral malware and ransomware spread in the case of an attack. 

Your best defense is to detect ransomware and malware as early as possible – to prevent lateral spread and enable a swift recovery. You want to make sure that all of your data is protected and scanned – for AWS data, this includes AWS S3, EC2, EBS, ECS, EKS, EFS, and AWS Backup services.

Watch this webinar and learn how to get flexible, automated, and comprehensive ransomware and malware detection across all of your AWS data including S3 – to enable early detection for minimal impact.

The discussion covers:

  • Why S3 is a huge cybersecurity risk that needs to be considered
  • Why an additional security layer is becoming a must in today’s security stacks
  • How an agentless ransomware detection solution can protect you against sophisticated “unhooking”
  • How can you protect your data cost-effectively by using cloud native architecture
  • The importance of holistic scanning coverage to detect malware and ransomware as early as possible 
  • Why you need to scan all of your live data and your backups to ensure that is clean and recoverable

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Meet your speakers

Ashok Mahajan AWS

Ashok Mahajan

Senior Partner Solution Architect, AWS

todd frederick elastio

Todd Fredrick

VP Strategic Alliances, Elastio

Eswar Nalamaru

Product Director, Elastio