Create Docker Image From Elastio Stream Restore Point

Protecting backups from ransomware


It is possible to create a docker image from a stream backup taken inside of an EC2 instance, bare metal server, or docker container for several reasons:

  • Quick creation of a new image to work with locally
  • Forensics after a security event
  • Migration from a server to a container
  • Restoring an image from a container whose image has gone missing
  • Perform malware and ransomware scans

Types of Backups That Can Be Used

From Another Docker Container

(Inside the running container): tar --exclude sys --exclude proc --exclude dev -cf - / | elastio stream backup --stream-name container_name-20220510 --tag env:prod --tag role:web
docker export container_name | elastio stream backup --stream-name container_name-20220510 --tag env:prod --tag role:web

From an EC2 Instance or Bare Metal

tar --exclude dev --exclude proc --exclude sys -cf - / | elastio stream backup --stream-name hostname-20220510 --tag env:prod --tag hostname:hostname
Image Creation From Restore Point
elastio stream restore --rp rp-abcdef0123456789 | docker import - mynamespace/newimage:version
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