Automate Data Protection Using The Lumen API Framework

Automate Data Protection Using The Lumen API Framework | Elastio Software

The Elastio PHP Lumen API is a PHP application that allows a restful connection to the backend Elastio command-line interface. Using multiple endpoints, you can pass a backup to the API before performing a pipeline process. If there’s an error made, you can quickly abort the pipeline. The API allows for quick restoration to a new EC2 or EBS Volume. Your automated data protection is simplified because it’s small, lightweight, and fast.

Lumen API is perfect for:

  • Automating daily backup using CLI. You can use PHP, Curl, Postman, and many other applications to communicate to the API.
  • Testing files for viral activity using a single file upload and scan. Knowing a file is viral-free is a great way to use this as a middleman file upload check system.
  • Creating a recovery point and scanning entire systems using iScan with the Lumen API.
  • Protecting EBS disk volumes and entire EC2 systems.

The code can be downloaded here:

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