LeaseAccelerator automates data controls with Elastio to meet SOC2 mandates.

LeaseAccelerator can now ensure long-term SOC2 compliance, improved operational efficiency and less cloud spend.

LeaseAccelerator provides enterprise lease lifecycle management software that ensures long-term compliance, improves operational efficiency, and frees up cash. Thousands of users rely on their secure Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform to manage and automate 800,000 real estate and equipment leases valued at $200 billion across 5 million assets in 172 countries that generate 8 billion journal entries annually.


Solution: Elastio Cyber Recovery as a Service

Cloud Platform:  AWS

Industry: SaaS Software Vendor

Region: Global

“LeaseAccelerator automates data controls with Elastio to meet SOC2 mandates. ”
Tricial Remacle
Chief Technology Officer | LeaseAccelerator


  • LeaseAccelerator needed a single solution to cyber protect and recover its AWS workloads on Graviton compute environments.
  • LeaseAccelerator needed to automate SOC2 data security and availability controls for AWS workloads.
  • LeaseAccelerator was looking to reduce AWS cloud spend.

Overcoming the technical constraints to backup and recovery

The critical and irreplaceable nature of customer lease data means that application availability, data security, and compliance are major priorities for LeaseAccelerator and their customers. There must be no room for failure, and proactive protection against threats like ransomware and other forms of malware is an absolute essential.

“We saw immediate value with its data security features and its ability to deduplicate and compress our backups.”
Tricia Remacle
Chief Technology Officer | LeaseAccelerator

Before coming to Elastio, LeaseAccelerator was looking for an alternative solution for protecting and scanning their data for ransomware and other malware across customer-facing applications and data. The company greatly reduced costs by migrating all of its EC2 instances to the AWS Graviton processor. However, this forced them to find a new solution for cyber protection.

Their existing backup strategy on AWS was time-consuming and expensive and it was labor-intensive to reconstruct customer data for analysis. This meant it was hard to monitor the environment to ensure that all assets were adequately protected.

In their search for a more comprehensive approach to backup and cyber protection, the team came to Elastio. Doing so addressed their endpoint protection requirement while also giving them an extra layer of protection in the case of system failure. This allowed them to meet and surpass their service-level obligations.

Elastio was also promising in terms of performance, security, technical feasibility, and cost. After evaluating the responses to their request for proposal, LeaseAccelerator now has a fully automated cyber recovery service that automatically monitors all their AWS EC2, EBS and EFS infrastructure, protects and scans it for vulnerabilities and backs up all assets. Furthermore, there was no impact at all on production and performance with the move to Elastio.

“We are an AWS shop, and Elastio is AWS cloud native making it very easy to deploy and use.”
Tricia Remacle
Chief Technology Officer | LeaseAccelerator

Simplifying SOC2 compliance with accurate, real-time reporting

LeaseAccelerator has manual audits to ensure they are meeting their SOC2 controls. There are also SOC2 controls for data security and availability that includes automated inventory detection and backups, threat scanning, and recovery testing for all production machines.

Thanks to automating the cyber protection and backup process across their AWS infrastructure, the LeaseAccelerator team no longer has to worry about compliance reports. The cyber recovery and SOC2 compliance dashboard delivers real-time insights into cloud workloads and delivers reports for compliance and security teams. As a result, LeaseAccelerator now enjoys complete visibility into their cloud backup and cyber recovery processes.

“I now know immediately if we have signs of ransomware or malware in our data and once a month, I get a compliance report for SOC2.”
Tricia Remacle
Chief Technology Officer | LeaseAccelerator

Looking to the future, LeaseAccelerator hopes to further leverage Elastio’s ability to embed in their continuous improvement and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines and, in doing so, accelerate their application deliveries. At the same time, customers will benefit from enhanced monitoring capabilities and operational efficiency, ensuring a high level of service continuity.

Thanks to its partnership with Elastio, LeaseAccelerator can now count on having a far more efficient, smoother process for protecting all cloud workloads with proactive scanning, along with the ability to safely recover data at a moment’s notice.

“Elastio gives us data security and cyber recoveries in one platform, streamlining operations and improving business continuity.”
Tricia Remacle
Chief Technology Officer | LeaseAccelerator
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