Data Protection As A Service

Got Ransomware?
Elastio keeps your business running.


Stay on top of your
ransomware & recovery risk

Eliminate Blind Spots and Prevent Attacks

Elastio deeply inspects each recovery point for ransomware, malware and failures without agents, quarantines infected ones and, with a click, enables recovery to the last uninfected air-gapped and immutable recovery point.

Real-time Recovery Compliance Dashboard

Elastio actively monitors your cloud workloads and presents stakeholders with an up-to-date recovery risk index.  Audit reports detail the results for compliance and security teams.

Simple, Deploys In Minutes,
No Agents

1) Fully deploy Elastio in under 10 minutes.

2) Activate your protection policy.

3) Know your recovery risk index within 24 hours.

Save On Cloud Storage Costs

Reduce your cloud snapshot costs with global deduplication, compression and unlimited retention by as much as 50% over a 90 day period.  Usually the product pays for itself in the first 3 months.


Loved By Our Customers

In a few minutes we enabled protection policies for all of our customer facing workloads across all of our accounts. Elastio saves our team hours of manual work, we don’t need to check backups and manually generate audit reports anymore.

VP, SaaS Software Company

All we should care about is the application and data and Elastio lets me do this in code.

DevOps Team Lead, Managed Solution Provider

Elastio is a critical value for us, it gives us a peace of mind that our applications are continually being observed, protected and recovery tested.

CISO, Large Infrastructure Provider


Powerful data protection tools

For all of your cloud applications.

Tools for Any Application

Protects everything; databases, tables, filesystems, files, devices, partitions and any arbitrary streams across AWS, Azure and GCP.
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Use integrations like AWS® ECS, AWS Lambda, AWS CloudFormation, Microsoft Azure, GitHub Actions, Slack and more.
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Continuous Application Protection

Elastio’s cloud-native service offers a more complete package than native snapshots alone.

Elastio Recovery Points
Native Snapshots

Active ransomware and malware recovery, monitoring and prediction

Improved RTO and RPO

Protection for all applications

Global deduplication and compression

LiveMounts(tm) for fast access to data

Infrastructure-aware policy automation

Automated recovery testing

DEPLOYS IN 10 Minutes into your AWS account

Get your free recovery
risk assessment.

Having real-time visibility into the recovery risk of your applications and data is key.  Seconds matter, and understanding what risks and threats are present in your cloud infrastructure allows you to take action to remediate the threat and prevent any data loss or corruption.

Recoverability Index
Get Started


Step 1

Deploy Elastio Takes 10 minutes

Step 2

Activate Your Policy

Step 3

We will send you an alert when your recovery health index is updated

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