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Cyber Recovery Service for AWS

Backup Detection & Response

Continuous monitoring of data through backups to
detect, respond, and recover from cyber threats.


The Cyber Defense You Need

Agentless Automation Eliminates Unprotected Workloads and Audit Surprises

As new workloads are spun up on AWS, Elastio auto-detects their presence and triggers a Cyber Backup – which includes a ransomware, malware and recovery test. With cloud native, agentless integration into your AWS accounts, our always-on automation means no workload is left behind.

In addition to ensuring all workloads are protected, Elastio provides you with compliance reports to meet requirements for SOC 2, cyber insurance carriers, and internal auditors. These reports also help identify and correct non-compliant backup activity and provide the resources you need in order to avoid audit surprises.

Proactive Threat Detection Prevents Backing Up Ransomware and Malware

Using AI/ML, Signatures and Heuristics, we not only scan your data for known ransomware and malware (both detonated and undetonated), we also detect anomalies that would suggest infection from a new threat not yet identified by the cybersecurity community. We do all of this without having access to your actual data – giving you an extra layer of comfort.

And if you discover Elastio after you have already become infected with ransomware or malware, we can ingest and scan your current snapshots to prevent re-detonation and help you to respond using threat and location details.

Isolate Malware and Ransomware for Forensics and Response

Should you get compromised even after our proactive scanning process, you can respond to the cyber threat with our ability to sandbox the quarantined recovery points, then use Elastio’s detailed intelligence and other indicators of compromise we provide to remediate the threat.

By isolating and inspecting the infected data, you have the ability to determine the specific type of ransomware deployed and remove it from your environment. You can even use your existing security tools to help find the root cause of the attack.

Cyber Backups For Nearly Guaranteed Cyber Attack Recovery

Most businesses only keep 30 days of backups due to the cost involved, but it takes an average of 72 days to discover ransomware and malware. Because these systems are also backing up bad actors, the result is having zero clean backups that can be used as recovery points – increasing the potential for data loss.

That’s where Elastio’s Cyber Backups come in. Elastio Cyber Backups are cloud native, clean, immutable recovery points you can count on if you ever need to restore from them. And because these Cyber Backups are deduplicated and compressed, customers tell us they are saving 30%-50% over their previous solution.

I now know immediately if we have signs of ransomware or malware in our data and once a month, I get a compliance report for SOC2.

CTO, LeaseAccelerator

All we should care about is the application and data and Elastio lets me do this in code.

Chief Technologist, NetDepot

Elastio is a critical value for us, it gives us a peace of mind that our applications are continually being observed, protected and recovery tested.

CISO, IBM Turbonomic


Fight Threatware with Cyber Backup Tools

For all of your cloud applications.

Tools for Any Application

Protects everything; databases, tables, filesystems, files, devices, partitions and any arbitrary streams across AWS®, Azure® and GCP.
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Use integrations like AWS® ECS, AWS Lambda, AWS CloudFormation, AWS CodePipeline, GitHub Actions, Slack and more.
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Continuous Application Protection

Elastio’s cloud-native service offers a more complete package than native snapshots alone.

Elastio Recovery Points
Native Snapshots

Active ransomware and malware recovery, monitoring and prediction

Improved RTO and RPO

Protection for all applications

Global deduplication and compression

LiveMounts(tm) for fast access to data

Infrastructure-aware policy automation

Automated recovery testing

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Frequently Asked Questions About Elastio

Read some of our most frequently asked questions about Elastio’s software.

For more FAQs, please visit our FAQs page.

There are a lot of backup and recovery features in AWS, but assembling these into a cyber recovery capability is your responsibility. It’s part of AWS’s “shared responsibility model.” You can read about it here.

Yes! Elastio specializes in cyber recoveries and inspects all recovery points for ransomware and malware as they are created.  You can use Elastio to recover to a known clean point in time before the ransomware attack began and furthermore, your forensics team has immediate access to quarantined recovery points with our file level analysis for granular recoveries and remediation.

Elastio is designed for lift and shift and cloud native applications.  Elastio supports protection and recoveries for streaming applications (Kafka, MSK), Databases and tables (AWS RDS, GoogleSQL, AzureSQL), Containers (EKS, ECS, GKE, AzureContainers), EC2, EBS, AWS Snapshots, Google Instances, Azure VMs, Files, Filesystems(EFS).

Elastio does not have access to your data. We architected security into our platform so your data never leaves your custody. Your backups are securely stored in an AWS account of your choosing.  All data is encrypted in motion and at rest using your KMS keys.

Elastio is SOC2 Type 1 compliant and in our observation period for SOC2 type 2.


Elastio protects, inspects and recovers applications and data in AWS accounts that you control, so you’ll be responsible for the cost of data storage, spot compute, and transfer.  But we use the most cost-effective techniques available in AWS, and our customers often report that their Elastio costs are in the rage of 50%-80% less than AWS snapshot costs.

No! The processing is performed by the Elastio service running in your AWS account and off host eliminating performance impact on the production servers.

In many environments, it’s difficult to enforce security agents on all workloads.  Elastio has an Agentless option and automatically detects new EC2 and EBS workloads and protects, inspects and secures them and continues protection based on the policy settings. If a cyber threat is identified, alerts are sent with full details ofn the threat.  At this point, the instance can be terminated.  The recovery point is maintained for forensics purposes with a full audit of all activity.  Our customers typically set a short retention window of 7 days if no threats are found.

Our customers use Elastio to satisfy their data security and availability controls.  Elastio automation is used to assure 24×7 cyber protection coverage, active ransomware and malware detection, encryption, immutability and air gap assure data security and recovery testing assures availability.   Elastio also collects evidence of your recovery point health, recovery point actuals (RPA), recovery time actuals (RTAs), and recovery testing results that were automated, making it easy to show your auditors that you’re compliant.


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