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The Data Protection
Stage of Your Pipeline

Relying on native snapshots and prescriptive backups sucks, especially for EC2.
Now, DevOps teams can accelerate application delivery while continuously scanning and protecting data from ransomware exposure.

Elastio is an easy to use
automated data protection service
designed for DevOps.
Weave data protection expertise into your existing pipelines. Elastio makes it easy to checkpoint, defend and recover data streams, databases, tables, artifacts, logs, VMs and just about any data.
Active Ransomware Defense
Elastio defends recovery points from attacks in the data and from external attacks on the vaults themselves. Applications can be recovered quickly from a last known clean backup.
Always on Protection
Elastio maintains real-time statistics on up-to-the minute recovery health, time-to-recover (RTO) and asset coverage across all of your assets.
Easy for all teams
DevOps teams, security teams or whatever team you want.
Easy for DevOps
Use the Elastio tooling to embed data protection anywhere you need it.
Recover application data in minutes
Easy to test/dev on different environments
Continuous Anti-Malware protection
Use with your existing CI/CD tooling
Self-correcting deployments
Fast file recovery and fast access to data
Recover application data in minutes within your CI/CD pipeline

# Restore table after a migration failure
$ elastio stream restore –-stream-name db-table –-tag <git-hash> | mysql prod-db

# Restore environment
$ elastio file restore /env
docker build -t application:version /env

# Stream logs, artifacts, code
$ ssh application-host cat log-file | elastio stream backup –-tag <git-hash>
$ tar czf - artifact_base_dir | tee artifact.tar.gz | elastio stream backup --steam-name artifacts –-tag <git-hash>
$ git export application-repo | elastio stream backup –-stream-name code –-tag <git-hash>

# Block backup of a partition
$ elastio block backup /dev/sda1 --tag <git-hash> --tag application-data

# EBS backup
$ elastio ebs backup --volume-id vol-0e181610f53b769bd --tag <git-hash> --tag application-device

# Instance backup
$ elastio ec2 backup --instance-id i-0ba98c32ec8a9461b --tag <git-hash> --tag application-host

Easy for developers to test/dev on different environments

# on AWS, restore a Azure volume to a AWS EBS volume
on-AWS> elastio block restore –rp r-dgwykf308bsko47sa1uvpg8i d:/

# on GCP restore a RDS-postgres DB to Google Cloud SQL
on-GCP> elastio stream restore –stream-name RDS-postgres| pg-restore RDS-postgres.dump

# on your Laptop access a database volume from a EC2 backup of an application
on-laptop> elastio mount –rp r-dgvisdvkmehmi1l4scdt0c95 /dev/data:/mnt

Continuous anti-Malware protection

# Protect EC2 and when complete, check backup for ransomware and malware
$ elastio EC2 backup /dev/data –iscan –tag application-host

# Protect GCP file and run malware scan when done
$ elastio block backup /dev/app-data –iscan –tag data-volume

# Check for malware in directory
$ elastio iscan /home/pipeline/artifacts

Use with your existing CI/CD/IaC tooling
GitHub Actions
Self correcting deployments

# Protect pre-migration-db-table
$ elastio stream backup --stream-name pre-migration-db-table --tag <git hash>

# Protect application code and artifacts
$ elastio file backup /home/app --tag <git-hash>
$ <deploy code…>
$ <run migrations...>

# Protect the database post-migration
$ elastio stream backup --stream-name db-table-post-migration--tag <post-deploy-git-hash>
$ on error

# Restore code and artifacts
$ elastio file restore /home/app

# Restore table to a sql file
$ elastio stream restore --stream-name pre-migration-db-table > pre-migration-db-table.sql

# Optionally, restore directly to database
$ elastio stream restore --stream-name pre-migration-db-table | psql db-name

Fast file recovery and fast access to data

# Mount an EBS volume from a recovery point on a local desktop
$ elastio mount rp –rp r-dgvisdvkmehmi1l4scdt0c95 /dev/sdh:/mnt
$ cd /mnt
$ ls

# Mount a database volume for direct access by a database server
$ elastio mount rp –rp r-dgvisdvkmehmi1l4scdt0c95 —mount-type rw /dev/shg:/database-volume

Easy for IT
Protect EC2 instances and EBS volumes from malware and ransomware exposure from the tenant console with just a few clicks or integrated in code.
Deploy the Elastio service in your account.
Elastio collects inventory information for all of your EC2 and EBS assets.
With a few clicks, automate protection on a schedule.
Stay up to date on how Elastio is building the future of data protection for your DevOps CI/CD pipeline.