Elastio announces new Anti-Ransomware for AWS Workloads

We cure ransomware.

AI-Powered Security For Your Last Line of Defense.

Ransomware detection
Perimeter Security Network Security Application Security Data Backups
Perimeter Security Application Security Network Security Data Backups

Ransom-Proof Your Data. Recover Your Business Quickly.

Modern ransomware bypasses defenses and hides undetected in your data, compromising your backups without you knowing.

When disaster strikes, you’re left defenseless – with no clean recovery points. Worse yet, your backup systems can’t detect these breaches.

Elastio is the only cure: unmatched ransomware detection with 99.99% accuracy for live data and all major backup providers, assuring clean, uncompromised recoveries in minutes, not months.


Multi-Backup Protection

Easy integration with your cloud workloads and existing backups.

Ransomware attackers exploit vulnerabilities across your whole environment. It is essential to protect all your data—no matter what cloud services and backup providers you are using. 

Only Elastio continuously discovers and protects data across all major cloud platforms and backup providers from a single console.

We are proud to partner with leading platform, backup and security providers for ransomware detection.

Ransomware Breaks Through - Be in the Know.

Ransomware attackers routinely evade perimeter defenses like EDR/XDR, AV scanners and anomaly detection, silently compromising your data without you knowing, leading to compromised backups.


Elastio cannot be unhooked, our ransomware detection activates precisely when perimeter defenses are evaded.

Elastio continuously validates the integrity of data before and after backing up, quickly restoring to the last-known clean copy in the event of a breach to reduce downtime and data loss.

Ransomware Recovery Point Objective (R-RPO) reports assure your business is always in the know about potential post-attack data loss. 

Elastio Best-In-Class Ransomware Detection

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Ransomware families
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Accuracy detecting novel ransomware

Ransomware variants detected

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Elastio’s AI-powered

anti-ransomware technology

Our proprietary AI/ML ransomware intelligence engine, RansomwareIQ, stays ahead of novel ransomware threats, detecting ransomware encryption that no other solutions can.

Elastio reverse-engineered over 2,300 ransomware families and thousands of variants to build an adaptive model that precisely identifies ransomware encryption down to individual variants in individual files.

Rather than rely on anomaly detection and signature-based scanning methods, which are easily bypassed, Elastio provides true AI-powered security for your last line of defense.

ransomware detection
ransomware scans and counting...
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“Elastio gives us the confidence to no longer worry about our mission-critical applications – our ‘Crown Jewels’ – becoming a victim of ransomware.”

– Sanjay Singh, Head of DevSecOps | Games 24×7


Be Informed & Be Compliant

Elastio’s ransomware readiness reports provide detailed information about ransomware risks, essential for preventing downtime.

Elastio’s reports also enable companies to stay compliant with SEC breach disclosures, as well as NYDFS Section 500.16 and Art. 12 of DORA regulations on testing backups.

We help top brands protect their business from ransomware

How It Works

Ransomware Cure Across Platforms and Backups in One Console



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