Recovery, Fast.

Elastio makes it easy to checkpoint and recovery databases, tables, artifacts, logs, containers, VMs and just about anything from within the context of your CI/CD pipeline stage. Recoveries can be automated and self-correcting as part of the process.

CI/CD pipelines

  • Put data protection in the hands of DevOps
    Control what to protect and when, reducing deployment and operational risks.
  • Easy to integrate into any CI/CD pipeline
    Supports most CI/CD platforms and can be scripted in Bash, Python and Powershell.
  • Quickly recover from errors
    Recover from mistakes, infrastructure issues, bugs in minutes.
  • Automate recoveries
    With a few lines of code, build application protection into your CI/CD pipeline to assure your applications are protected as they are deployed.
  • Continuous AntiMalware protection
    To augment your current security tooling, scan for malware and ransomware during critical stages of your CI/CD pipeline.


  • Quickly restore anything
    Restore files, directories, streams, databases, tables, EC2, EBS in minutes.
  • Protect from and Restore to any cloud
    Flexible use cases with support for all leading cloud platforms on any Windows and Linux and container environment.
  • Integrate with native cloud services
    Use Elastio from within AWS Lambda, Google Functions and Container services such as AWS Fargate and GKE and Azure Kubernetes.
  • Protect hosted databases
    Use Elastio to protect and recover databases and tables for Postgres, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, Aurora running in RDS, Cloud SQL and Azure SQL


  • Continuous Protection
    Using the tenant console, automate protection of EC2 and EBS assets with protection plans.
  • Secure your recovery points
    Automate the scanning of all recovery points for ransomware and malware after a backup is complete. This is performed off host saving production resources for the application.
  • Flexible protection granularity and schedules ( RPO )
    Select how often to protect your assets and at what time of day.
  • Dashboards and reports coming soon…
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