Recovery & Resiliency

Elastio provides assurance that your production applications and data are safely and easily recoverable, giving them the resiliency needed to combat ransomware attacks. Elastio provides fast recovery and resiliency for applications running on AWS®, Azure® and Google® Cloud. This helps keep your cloud services running by giving you Flexibility, Security and Verified and Tested Recoveries. 


Protect nearly any cloud application on AWS, Azure and GCP including streaming apps, databases, tables, instances, VM’s devices, files and containers with integrated security and resiliency features that help protect your production applications and data from ransomware attacks and offer a wide range of RPOs and RTOs.

Security and immutability

Easily create immutable recovery points with infinite retention. These can be quickly recovered and can’t be accessed or modified by malicious actors, accidental deletions or ransomware. Audit logging within AWS CloudWatch also ensures a proper record of events related to illegal modification attempts of the S3 buckets and KMS keys.

Verified and Tested Recoveries

 Every recovery point is inspected for threats and each is recovery tested. This helps assure that the application can be recovered safely when called upon.

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