Recovery points you can trust

Threat Protection

Protecting your cloud applications, their data, and their backups is essential for ransomware resiliency. Elastio is specifically designed to ensure that business applications remain recoverable, and their backups protected from malicious actions or accidental deletions.

AppDefense™ Active Ransomware Protection

Artificial intelligence powered ransomware detection complemented with signature analysis, deterministic analysis and malware scanning is applied to each backup. Elastio alerts and quarantines backups that are suspicious so you can recover rapidly to a last known cleanup recovery point and make sure your applications and data are always recoverable.

Secure Immutable Vaults

The Elastio ScaleZ™ Vault service is secured in the customer AWS account. SafetyLock™ protects the perimeter of the vault from deletion in a compromised AWS account. Soft delete protects the vaults from accidental and malicious deletions from the API. Optionally, the service can run in an Air Gapped account from the production ones.

Cloud Scale and Secured

Elastio ScaleZ™ Vault Service scales up, scales out and scales to zero on demand for management free storage. It uses a combination of serverless and SpotSmart™ technology to optimize cost and efficiency. Secured in the customer account, the service includes Cyber Resilience, global deduplication, unlimited retention, mount points and end-to-end encryption.

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