quick and precise response

Threat Detection

Real-time visibility into the recovery health of your applications and data is key. Every second matters; understanding what risks and threats are present in your cloud infrastructure as fast as possible is essential for fast remediation and prevention of data loss or corruption. With its real-time recovery health index and insights, Elastio can help you detect ransomware and take the right actions right away. 

Dashboard Analytics

Our centralized portal gives you a holistic view of recovery threats. View unprotected assets, unscanned assets and infected assets to help combat ransomware and stop active and dormant threats.

Monitoring For Quick And Precise Response

The analysis provides threat information from the ransomware and malware analysis pinpointing suspicions files and the specific ransomware and malware. The insights are presented in the form of a report or JSON payload.

Alerts are sent to Slack®. Additional integrations coming soon.

Prediction To Prevent Attacks

Undetonated ransomware can be identified early to prevent future attacks.   Precise details of the threat information from our ransomware analysis pinpoints suspicious files and the specific undetonated ransomware.


Real-time Alerts​

When an threat or failure in a recovery test is identified, your team is alerted via Slack®. Additional integrations coming soon to include PagerDuty® and Datadog® for logging.

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